Awareness Technology LUMISTAT™ Microstrip Luminometer

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Awareness Technology LUMISTAT™ Microstrip Luminometer

Manufacturer: Awareness Technology, Inc
Model: LUMISTAT™ Microstrip
Product Code: LUMISTAT-4900

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Block Scientific carries a wide range of lab equipment ideal for use in scientific and research facilities. Our standard products include the LUMISTAT™ Microstrip Luminometer from Awareness Technology, Inc. The product is easy to use with step-by-step prompting and on-board graphics printer.

LUMISTAT Microstrip Luminometer

– An Open System

The LUMISTAT™ Microstrip Luminometer is an open system, allowing the user to program a wide variety of glow-type CLIAs (Chemi Luminescent Immuno Assays). It runs hormones and many other applications with on-board calculations for point-to-point, linear and log regressions, and log logit modes. The luminometer features advanced technology that help in quick and automatic calculations. It can break-apart wells up to 12 wells per strip. For performing easy recall, the test names and parameters are stored in a large on-board memory of this device.

Prominent features of the LUMISTAT™ Microstrip Luminometer include:

  • 3-strip loading capacity for 8-well or 12-well strips
  • On-board software calculates RLUs, multi-point calibration, and regression curves
  • Precise measurement and light output reporting
  • Large non-volatile memory stores more than 100 user-entered tests
  • NRTL and CE certified
  • Automatic strip transportation

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