Awareness Technology STAT FAX 2100 Microplate Reader

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Awareness Technology STAT FAX 2100 Microplate Reader

Manufacturer: Awareness Technology, Inc
Model: Stat Fax 2100
Product Code: STAT-FAX-2100

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Block Scientific, a premier laboratory equipment supplier in the United States, offers STAT FAX 2100 Microplate Reader manufactured by Awareness Technology, at reasonable price ranges. We offer new and refurbished products suitable for a variety of applications in healthcare, research, medical, scientific and research facilities.

Awareness Stat Fax 2100

: Capabilities and Features

Awareness STAT FAX 2100 microplate reader can be used for on board data diminution calculations which include curve fitting, regressions, and cutoff absorbance computations with step-by-step user prompting. The major features of this equipment are:

  • Bichromatic optics
  • Completely automatic reading
  • Integrated with large non-volatile memory
  • Accommodates minimum of fifty user recorded tests
  • Includes serial and parallel outputs
  • Stat Fax readers use IAD filters
  • 115V or 230V AC- 50-60Hz power requirements
  • Photometric accuracy around ± 1% or more
  • Two line LCD, 24 characters per line and alpha numeric display mode

Buy Stat Fax Models at a Nominal Rate

The standard model of Awareness Stat Fax 2100 Microplate Reader is provided with four filters. Based on your requirements you can buy models with six filters at a nominal rate. These equipment are CE and NRTL certified and can be operated with or without a computer. Using the available bidirectional interface it can be linked either to an IBM or Macintosh type computer.

For examining the linearity, accuracy and repeatability, these equipment are included with Dri-Dye® check strips as well. The overall dimensions of the device approximately measure 17 x 14.5 x 7 inches, 43x37x18cm and has a net weight around 13.7 kg or 30 lbs.

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