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Dri-Dye Check Strips

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dri-dye check strips
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block scientific is a leading laboratory equipment supplier in the united states, distributing brand new and refurbished lab appliances suitable for healthcare, medical, scientific and research applications, from established manufacturers. dri-dye check strips that we offer from awareness technology can be used for evaluating the performance of microstrip and microplate readers in your facility.

dri-dye check strips

: capabilities and features

dri-dye check strips check linearity, calibration and repeatability of microstrip and microplate readers. these strips at room temperature have a long shelf life. each strip kit is provided with linearity plots, calibration charts and repeatability records. it also contains six pre-filled strips and a reclaimable strip tray that can be used with plate readers. the other major features of dri-dye check strips include:

  • nist traceable absorbance calibration
  • available in 405, 450 and 492 wavelengths
  • can easily add water, read and evaluate results to preset acceptance conditions

dri-dye check strips simulates true test conditions better than neutral density filter by giving information about the filtering capacity.

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