AVL 9130 Electrolyte Analyzer

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AVL 9130 Electrolyte Analyzer

Manufacturer: Roche
Model: 9130
Product Code: AVL-9130

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As one of the fastest growing laboratory equipment providers in the US, Block Scientific offers you a wide range of laboratory apparatus from the most respected manufacturers in the industry. AVL 9130 is the perfect solution for performing electrolytic analysis. The manufacturer of the product is AVL, now a business unit of Roche Diagnostics.

Roche AVL 9130 with Powerful Features

The Roche AVL 9130 electrolyte analyzer that occupies lesser counter space provides totally automatic operation. It monitors the performance and alerts the user on the optimal times to perform preventive maintenance. This instrument includes features such as microprocessor-controlled technology, interactive dialog program, disposable electrodes, ease of operation, time-saving calibrations, simplified maintenance, and built in thermal printer that holds permanent data of each test, including date, time, test results, and sample number and mode.

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