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aspergillus fumigatus iga elisa, 96wells

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aspergillus fumigatus iga elisa, 96wells
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  2. aspergillus fumigatus iga elisa, 96 wells
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the aspergillus fumigatus iga elisa, 96 wells from drg international inc. is an enzyme immunoassay for qualitative and quantitative determination of iga antibodies against aspergillus fumigatus in human serum and plasma. you can purchase this product easily and conveniently from block scientific, a leading laboratory equipment supplier, by way of our online store.

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aspergillus fumigatus


the most common pathogen of the genus aspergillus is a. fumingatus occuring in hay, grain, rotten plants and bird faeces. the main opportunistic invasive fungal infections are the candidal mycosis followed by aspergillosis. in general infections with aspergillus spp. are airborne. because of the ubiquity of aspergillus species it is difficult to decide between contamination by commensalism or a serious infection. usually infection in humans occurs in already damaged tissues only. aspergillus spp. can cause a chronic infection of paranasal sinus, eyes or lungs. three types of lung-aspergillosis can be distinguished: acute infection (bronchial pneumonia; pneumonia), saprophytic aspergillom (compact reticulum of hyphae in the lungs) and allergic bronchopulmonal aspergillosis (mediated by ige).

next to the elisa the indirect aspergillus hemagglutination test (aspergillus hat) can be performed to detect specific igg and igm antibodies. the hat is not suitable as a screening test, however, because of its low sensitivity. in some high-risk patients it shows only low antibody titers.


  • test principle – solid phase enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) based on the sandwich principle.
  • materials supplied – enzyme conjugate iga, microtiter plate, diluent buffer, standard a-d, tmb substrate solution, tmb stop solution, wash buffer, plastic bag, adhesive foil

for professional research only, not for use in diagnostic procedures

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