Alfa Wassermann ACE

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Alfa Wassermann ACE

Manufacturer: Alfa Wassermann
Model: ACE

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ACE system is an Alfa Wassermann manufactured chemistry analyzer that we make available at Block Scientific. Alfa Wassermann ACE has a number of advantageous features that have proven useful for fulfilling the testing needs of today’s medical professionals.

Get Accurate and Consistent Results

This equipment with superior throughput capabilities provides accurate and consistent results within a short time. It performs tests for a variety of routine chemistry analytes such as bilirubin, magnesium, albumin, bilirubin, creatinine, calcium, uric acid, inorganic phosphorus, urea nitrogen (bun), glucose, and iron. It is also useful for providing assays for analytics such as thyroid, therapeutic drug, lipid, electrolyte, drugs of abuse, and so on.

Features of ACE Chemistry Analyzer

Alfa Wassermann ACE comes complete with a range of efficient features such as closed tube sampling, auto repeat and dilution, positive sample and reagent ID, on-board sample and reagent refrigeration. By using this chemical analyzer, you can attain benefits such as maximum uptime, broad testing potentiality, low cost, and minimal maintenance. On-board sample and reagent refrigeration option can hold up to 40 test reagents on-board at any time.

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