Drucker Diagnostics QBC Accu-Tubes (100 Test Kit)

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Drucker Diagnostics QBC Accu-Tubes (100 Test Kit)

Manufacturer: Drucker Diagnostics
Model: Accu-Tubes (100 Test Kit)
Product Code: 423406

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A leading lab equipment supplier in New York, Block Scientific offers a wide range of quality products from leading manufacturers. We offer Accu-Tubes (100 test kit) that can provide a diagnostic hematology profile for capillary or venous blood samples. These specially designed tubes from Drucker Diagnostics are used in QBC STAR and Autoread Plus hematology analyzers.


with QBC Technology

Each AccuTube incorporates two black fill lines, a white identification line, reagents and a stopper. Patented dry hematology technology in the QBC Tubes reduces waste and eliminates the need for liquid reagents. AccuTubes contain acridine orange dye required to stain blood samples for analysis in the Autoread Plus. They are packaged with a ventilated stopper at the end of the tube and a soft grip float holder for easy insertion of the plastic float.


  • Sample size: 70 µl
  • Type of blood: Capillary or venous (using QBC pipettes)
  • Anticoagulant: Yes
  • Type of stopper: Pre-inserted, ventilated stopper
  • Storage temperature: 60° to 90°F (16° to 32° C)
  • Reagents: 6.5µg Acridine Orange, 0.65mg Potassium Oxalate, 1.5USP units Sodium Heparin, 0.33mg Potassium EDTA (anticoagulant), agglutinating agents and stabilizers

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For purchase queries on the Drucker DiagnosticsAccu-Tubes (100 test kit) or other QBC Autoread Plus products we offer, call 631-589-1118 or write to info@blockscientific.com.