Horiba ABX ABC Vet

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Horiba ABX ABC Vet

Manufacturer: Horiba ABX
Model: ABC Vet
Product Code: ABX-ABC-VET

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Block Scientific is a highly successful company that has a good reputation for supplying new and refurbished lab equipment. Here, we have got a range of products for you to choose from including blood gas analyzers, centrifuges, hematology analyzers, and chemistry analyzer.

ABX ABC Vet Automated Veterinary Analyzer

ABX ABC Vet is a fully automated veterinary hematology analyzer, developed by ABX Diagnostics (renamed as Horiba ABX). These are well suited to measure 8 CBC parameters in ten different animal species such as dog, rat, cat, horse, cow, rabbit, pig, monkey, mouse, and sheep.

Horiba ABX ABC Vet has broad capabilities and is very easy to use and operate. You can produce accurate and reliable results, using 12 µl of whole blood (no predilution required).

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Browse our online store if you would like to know more about Horiba ABX ABC Vet and all other refurbished hematology analyzers we offer for sale. Customer service support is available by phone 631-589-1118 and via e-mail at info@blockscientific.com.