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Abbott is dedicated to fulfilling the promise of human potential in all places, in all aspects and stages of life. Abbott’s core businesses focus on pharmaceuticals, medical devices and nutritional products. Abbott Laboratories is a global and diversified healthcare innovator providing advanced diagnostic technology for patient point-of-care testing. The aim of the company is to ensure quality patient healthcare irrespective of their location. To support this aim, Abbott offers the i-Stat system, an advanced handheld diagnostic tool. The company strives to improve patient care efficiently by modifying the way healthcare professionals organize the patient testing process.

Abbott Laboratories

Products at Block Scientific

Block Scientific is a leading supplier of Abbott Laboratories products in the U.S market. The company offers blood gas analyzers manufactured by Abbott.

Abbott i-Stat 1

The Abbott I-Stat 1 is an advanced handheld and test cartridge blood analysis system that provides accurate lab quality results. The latest bio-sensor technology of the i-Stat system allows patient-side blood testing and delivery of accurate blood results within minutes. This analyzer makes use of test cartridges along with Precision PCx and PCx glucose test strips and delivers accurate testing for electrolytes, blood gases, chemistries, coagulation, hematology, glucose and cardiac markers.


  • This analyzer is portable and reliable
  • It is simple to use
  • Requires only small sample size, just a few drops of blood
  • Accurate and reliable lab results within minutes


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