Abbott i-STAT 1 Point Care Analyzer

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Abbott i-STAT 1 Point Care Analyzer

Manufacturer: Abbott Laboratories
Model: Abbott i-STAT 1
Product Code: ABBOTT-I-STAT-1

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Block Scientific offers Abbott i-STAT 1, a revolutionary, handheld analyzer from Abbott Laboratories. As a leading lab equipment supplier in the US, Block Scientific offers different models of point of care analyzers for point-of-care blood testing.

Abbott i-STAT 1 is proven to be useful for making a rapid and safe point-of-care blood testing for electrolytes, coagulation, glucose, cardiac markers (cTnI), chemistries, and hematology. Using as little as two drops of blood and a test cartridge, it can give accurate results within two minutes, whenever you need it.

Abbott i-STAT

for Point-of-Care Blood Testing

Its ease of use, accurate lab results, small sample size, and rapid availability of lab results are the outstanding features which makes the popular with healthcare professionals and consumers. For performing point-of-care clinical tests, it makes use of Precision PCxT and PCx PlusT glucose test strips along with self-contained cartridges. The use of self-contained cartridges makes the equipment simple to use and operate. By means of the instrument’s interactive menu, you can obtain stored patient records within a short time, whenever you need.


  • Accurate test results
  • Small sample size
  • Easy to use

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