Abbott Cell Dyn 3500

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Abbott Cell Dyn 3500

Manufacturer: Abbott Diagnostics
Model: Cell Dyn 3500
Product Code: ABBOTT-CELL-DYN-3500

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Abbott Cell Dyn 3500 is an automated hematology analyzer manufactured by Abbott Diagnostics. It is a compact, user-friendly system distributed by Block Scientific – a global company distributing the finest quality refurbished clinical and laboratory equipment. Evaluation of this instrument was performed in accordance with the International Committee for Standardization in Hematology (ICSH) standards.

Multi-tasking System for your Laboratory Needs

Cell Dyn 3500, a multi parameter from Abbott Diagnostics, is a multi-tasking hematology system capable of producing 22 hematological parameters that include the basis for a five-part WBC differential. Multi-Angle Polarized Scatter Separation (M.A.P.S.S.) makes available primary white blood cell count, reticulocyte analysis and all differential information. The instrument features an automatic start-up cycle that enhances the flow system and ensures the background counts. It performs a shut-down cycle, and can place itself in a standby mode.

The hematology analyzer provides both closed and open sampling options on two different instrument versions. It incorporates optical scatter and impedance to increase the accuracy of particle counting. Its 540 MB hard drive provides on-board storage for 10,000 patient reports. A patient report can be customized with patient identification and color histograms.

Features of Abbott Cell Dyn 3500

Some other features of Abbott Cell Dyn 3500 include:

  • Advanced data management
  • Simplification of data interpretation
  • Quick, accurate results and differential screening
  • Small sample requirements, low maintenance, and high reliability
  • Color screens with color printouts
  • Improved detection capabilities

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