Abaxis Piccolo Xpress

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Abaxis Piccolo Xpress

Manufacturer: Abaxis
Model: Abaxis Piccolo Xpress

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Block Scientific, an established supplier of quality lab equipment in the U.S., offers reliable point-of-care chemistry analyzers from leading manufacturers. We offer the Piccolo Xpress chemistry analyzer from Abaxis. This is the only portable diagnostic device to offer a full complement of CLIA waived blood chemistry tests at the point-of-care.


Automated Chemistry Analyzer

from Abaxis

This compact analyzer allows healthcare providers to process whole blood, serum, and plasma samples in self-contained, single-use reagent discs. Mainly designed for the on-site testing of patients, it delivers routine multi-chemistry and electrolyte test results quickly and easily in approximately 12 minutes.

This reliable device incorporates a process called iQC (“intelligent Quality Control”) that meets established QC standards independently of the operator’s skill level. To ensure the highest quality and accuracy in results, the iQCT system performs continuous quality control checks on every run, eliminating daily control testing requirements.

Its centrifugal action mixes the reagents and sample in a disposable self-contained disc, reducing procedural errors. The device’s accuracy and precision is comparable to that of larger, more expensive laboratory analyzers.

Advanced Features

  • Self calibrates with every test run – no manual data entry
  • Full-color touch screen with intuitive user interface
  • Results are printed on a self-adhesive hard copy or via electronic transfer
  • Large memory capacity stores up to 5000 patient records
  • Externally accessible bi-directional USB data transfer technology facilitates EMR connectivity
  • Every self-contained reagent disc is bar-coded for automatic self-calibration

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To learn more about the Piccolo Xpress, dial 631-589-1118 or send an email to info@blockscientific.com. To place an order or get information about the other refurbished point of care analyzers we carry, visit our online store.