LW Scientific 12-Place Test-Tube Rotor for Combo V24

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LW Scientific 12-place test-tube rotor for Combo V24

Manufacturer: LW Scientific
Model: 12-place Test-Tube Rotor for Combo
Product Code: CMP-RT12-15TT

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Block Scientific, an established worldwide supplier of top quality lab equipment, offers the 12-place test-tube rotor designed for use with the efficient and vibration-free Combo V24 centrifuge from industry leader LW Scientific. This test-tube rotor holds 3ml-15ml sized tubes with included tube shields and inserts for smaller tubes.

Combo V24 Centrifuges

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The new Combo centrifuge allows the fast spinning of hematocrits and test tubes with interchangeable rotors. The Combo V24 spins the test tubes, microtubes or capillary tubes using the selected rotor, without any tools. This centrifuge, which comes with an optional tachometer, offers accurate hematocrit separations in five minutes at 12,000 rpm. Its features include a reader disc, variable speed control, 30-minute timer, rubber feet, and all-metal body construction.

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For more information on the LW Scientific 12-place test-tube rotor for the Combo V24 or other accessories for centrifuges we offer, visit our online store. For queries, call 631-589-1118 or write to info@blockscientific.com.